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Get without cost the best step-by-step manual to create your own business in the USA


Get without cost the best step-by-step manual to create your own business in the USA

Tax Preparation and Planning

Tax preparation and planning are tasks that can be complicated and worrying for many people.

Doing your own taxes can be extremely difficult due to the complexities of the tax code, and this can leave you with more questions than answers.

Nowadays, most individuals and small businesses use a professional accountant to prepare their taxes. Even if you fill out a simple personal statement, the laws change from year to year and it’s very easy to make mistakes.

The tax environment is constantly changing and has become increasingly complex.


Get without cost the best step-by-step manual to create your own business in the USA

Financial Accounting Services

At Zasz Accounting, we prefer to be proactive managing your business finances. We offer our clients the service they deserve. Here finances are made by experts with the necessary knowledge to help you in any situation.

Keeping the accounts organized ensures that your business will run efficiently. Getting your finances wrong can seriously affect the life of your company. Zasz Accounting can handle all of your business accounting and financial responsibilities.

As a business owner you have more important responsibilities than trying to keep your company’s books. Our business accountants will take care of this work for you and we will free you from financial worries.


Payroll Services

Our Payroll service is designed to help your business save on labor costs, avoid IRS penalties, and pay your employees using direct deposit.

When it comes to a business, the human resources department is one of the most important. This is a core function of any organization. Business owners spend an average of around 8 hours per month completing HR and payroll-related functions. These are 12 full days a year that could be used to generate sales, seek new business opportunities, improve products and services or serve your customers instead of working on payroll.

Sales Tax

For many types of businesses, it is required to calculate and submit sales tax. The percentages are constantly changing and vary from region to region. These percentages must be calculated correctly to avoid costly errors that include penalties. Our team of experienced professionals can assist your company in gathering information and preparing sales tax returns in a fast and efficient manner.

We will apply the best accounting strategies for your business.

Consulting for Business and Individuals

Every business goes through different stages on its way to success. Having someone with the experience and knowledge by your side during this journey is invaluable. We at Zasz Accounting understand this journey and we know how to give you the necessary guidance to help you grow and create a successful business.

We offer consulting services in several areas. We have extensive experience in Tax, Accounting, Creation of new business entities and retirement planning.

We are aware of the most recent regulations and use the most advanced technological resources. 

Workers Compensation

At Zasz Accounting we assist business owners in obtaining worker’s compensation insurance for employees. We have a network of insurance companies that take care of this process.

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